Walden Counseling

About Us

Walden Counseling is located in quiet, beautiful Northern Michigan close to Petoskey and Harbor Springs. We offer Counseling and Referral Services for clients, agencies and clinics, as well as provide on- sight Mediation Services.

Walden has Certified Mediators on staff and are available to clients who chose to incorporate Mediation for a Planned and Binding agreement.

Walden also maintains an up-to-date on-line presence, with helpful and innovative resources and links to enhance better navigation through life!

At Walden, Licensed Professional Family Therapists accept school, agency, physician and court referred clients as well as "walk-in" individuals.

Walden's Therapists specialize in many areas of practice:

  • Children's Counseling

  • Transitional and Adjustment Difficulties

  • Couples/Relationship

  • Pre-Marital and Marriage Concerns

  • Grief and General Loss

  • Societal Pressure & Gender Issues

  • Goal Definition & Goal Attainment Services

Services offered through Walden Counseling are non-judgmental, safe & Confidential.

Please Direct all Inquiries to our Walden Counseling Administrator :