Walden Counseling

Fee for Service

Office Visit:

Clinical Psychotherapy Sessions:

  • Brief Consultation(up to 15 min.) & Referrals are complimentary services offered by Walden Counseling

  • Initial Intake & Plan of Care (90 min. session)

  • Individual are generally 60-minute sessions- thereafter

Mediation Services:

Certified (SCAO)Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediators

  • Intake of Parties

  • Scheduled Mediation(s)

  • Written, Binding Agreement(s)

All Services are Private Pay.

Walden Counseling accepts Cash, Check, Debit / Credit Cards & Paypal


Walden Counseling does not bill second party/insurance but will provide complete statement(s)/ 'superbill' to the client. They may submit this document to their carrier on their own behalf. We DO recommend confirming such protocol with your your carrier/insurance prior to making an appointment.

Need to talk with a Therapist but Concerned about being able to Pay?

Walden will meet with you for a complimentary session.

We want to assist you so you are able to get the help

you feel you need and want.